Covering domestic and foreign markets, the only exporter of oil to the European Union

After-sales service

Responding to the needs of consumers along with the latest innovations to ensure the health of the lives of customers and society

International standard

Production of quality products on the scale of global standards

Company introduction

Neshat Avar Food Industries of Yazd, a producer of edible oils under the Datis brand name, started its activity in Yazd Industrial City in 2016 with the aim of producing and providing healthy and quality products, and since then it has been able to play an important role in this industry. With its technical knowledge, up-to-date technology and its expert forces, this company has always sought to maintain and improve the quality of its products, and in this regard, it has succeeded in providing healthy products in accordance with the highest national and global quality standards.

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Datis Holds 12 URS iso Certifications
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ISO 10004

It is a general guide and from the ISO 9000 family, which was compiled for the design, planning and implementation of the process of monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction.

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ISO 10002

Quality management system in customer satisfaction and handling their complaints

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ISO 9001

The standard is called quality management system, which means that this standard seeks to create a system that manages quality throughout the organization.

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It includes instructions that specify aspects of production and testing. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice and can affect the quality of a product.

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ISO 22000

The standard is called food safety management system and it is for organizations that operate in the food chain. The ISO 22000 standard creates requirements for organizations to ensure that the food product provided is free of any type of contamination.

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ISO 14001

This standard, which has requirements to protect the environment and prevent polluting companies from harming the environment, can be established in all organizations, whether production or services.

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The GHP standard deals with the analysis of food safety risks. Risk analysis by GHP includes preventing contamination of people during harvesting, during production, preparation, raw materials and ingredients of processed foods, and cleaning of workplaces, storage and display cases.

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Establishment of integrated management systems in the field of occupational health, safety and environment.

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The HACCP system is a globally recognized food safety system. This system identifies and controls risks that may occur in the food production process, it focuses on preventing potential risks and controlling each of the critical control points of the food production process.

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ISO 66002

Getting to know how external organizations interact (contractors, universities and research institutes) in the field of industrial research (research and development outsourcing)

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ISO 10668

It specifies a framework for brand evaluation, including: objectives, evaluation bases, evaluation approaches, evaluation method, and quality data evaluation and assumptions.

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ISO 45001

It is a specialized standard for occupational health and safety management developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It includes requirements and guidelines that help organizations to reduce this burden by creating a framework for improving employee safety and reducing risks in the environment. work and create better and safer working conditions around the world.